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The Great wall of China August 2, 2013

Great Air NZ flight to Hong Kong, long. but we both managed to snatch a little snooze here and there. We had been upgraded to Premium Economy which was nice. However our pleasure turned to pain when we were handed our Cathay Pacific Boarding passes….row 61 near the back! Our travel agent had confirmed row 44 and when I went onto Cathay’s website the day before leaving that row also confirmed. Cathay at Hong Kong completely denied this and said I was mistaken and that was the beginning of a rather chaotic journey with them.
We sat at gate 41 for an hour or so snoozing and reading while waiting for them to start boarding. No announcement they suddenly started walking amount those waiting,telling us to board. No order of rows etc….well we settled into row 61 next to a nice young lass from Queenstown….we got on well and she had the window seat. The cabin crew all looked very young and did not seem to know what they were doing. We took off late and then waited an age on the Tarmac but arrived here 15 minutes early. The flight had rolling turbulence for most if the 11.50 journey.
Lunch proved to be a shambles. Those with special diets got served over an hour before anyone else and some got no lunch as they ran out…….the plane was full. These young cabin crew did not seem to know what they were doing and spent a lot of time running up and down the isles and opening and shutting things, it was quite hilarious…..we scored some of the last meals which were of acceptable standard.
The plane itself was new and we had enough space to allow for ok comfort. Every time the seat belt sign came on, which was very often, they checked everyone. They also served “cup noodles” between meals which were ok.
But the highlight had to be that our plane flew over China, Mongolia, Russia and the Baltic to London. In between very heavy cloud cover our young neighbour pointed out the great sights including The Great Wall of China, which was incredibly clear and the Gobi Desert which went for miles and Yangtse River which was huge.
We arrived at Hearthrow on the hottest day of the year, 34degrees, and we were still in our winter gear!
3 Hours later we checked into the hotel, once again our agent had NOT booked the type of room requested and shown on our itinerary. But with some negotiating and compromise we got a better view over the Thames without paying an extra 15 pounds each per night. No view of the bridge from our room but still nice.
Off to buy another suitcase as ours were both overweight which leaves no room for additional purchases during our trip. Thunder and lightning over the Thames this morning.,

Raining now but a bit cooler.


One Response to “The Great wall of China”

  1. beejayge Says:

    Your Cathay Pacific flight sounds like the hilarious movie I watched on Thursday night called: I’m so excited. It was in subtitles and about a flight that couldn’t land so they drugged all the economy class passengers so as not to upset them.

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