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Beautiful Auckland Harbour December 6, 2017

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The sea was incredibly rough at dinner as we sailed from Bay of Islands to Auckland. I woke up early- just after 4am and everything was flat calm, we were in the Hauraki Gulf, I could see Rangitoto, the lights on Waiheke and then suddenly the lights of Auckland. I stood on our veranda for about 10 minutes before going back to bed and sleep. When I next awoke it was just before 6 am and we were docking at Princess Wharf. The Norrdaam was at Queens Wharf, we ate breakfast and then just sat on the veranda watching the ferries and marvelling at the stunning beauty of Auckland Harbour. We were off Regatta by 8 am, Paul drove the car right onto the wharf, we dropped him at work and were on the Southern Motorway just after 8. Thanks to two multi car nose to tail accidents we were still on the Southern Motorway at 9am! However once clear of them we had a good run and arrived in Cambridge just before 11am,. We stopped at the Drs to pick up some forms and make appointments for next week,. While there I had to grab the counter as I got “sea leg wobbles”. All gone this morning.

It was over 28 degrees when we arrived home and most of the garden survived but in three weeks there had been huge growth- incredible. The Norrdaam and lower Queens Street, Auckland


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