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Fiji December 1, 2017

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Two days in Fiji, two nice excursions. On Wednesday we were in Suva and went out to a Spice farm and village, it was interesting but the rain came and then the oppressive heat. Yesterday, Thursday we were docked in a Lautoko where we drove to an Orchid garden, very lovely and interesting, then we drove to Nadi to shop, I was impressed that the town was so much tidier than last time I was there. Perhaps floods in 2014 meant that a lot of the shops were rebuilt. On our way back to the ship we stopped at a village where we were entertained by beautiful singers, the village was very poor so we all felt obliged to buy some of their cheap bracelets by way of thanking them. Last night we were dinner guests of the Oceania Club Ambassador and the Cruise Director. Had great fun, Andy really hit it off with another guest, Victor from West Hollywood. We had lots of laughs and my head cold suddenly didn’t seem so bad! Two sea days now and the weather has cut up a bit rough – bugger, but not to worry. Will add a few snaps from Fiji.


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