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Vulcan Magnolia July 25, 2015

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Vulcan MagnoliaimageThis is a stunning tree, the flowers are large, bigger than a standard saucer, very showy specimen but worthy of a place in our garden.

imageastunning Magnolia Vulcabn


Lovely magnolia in our garden

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i just love these trees, the white magnolia does not photograph well but is a beautiful perfumed tree.



Last gasp effort July 16, 2015

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trying again – lovely Tui

In full voice

In full voice

So colourful

So colourful


Many birds in the garden this winter

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For the second year in a row I have been involved involved in the NZ Garden Bird survey and as a result I have noticed a lot of birds in our garden and neighbouring gardens this winter.  Apparently something to do with the cold snaps we have experienced this winter.

Of course we have many Tui who really love to get nectar from the camellia which are in full bloom, silver eye are also getting nectar from the aloe flowers and the red hot poker flowers.   But we have had so many yellow finches feeding off bugs on our lavender hedge, it has been amazing. Mynahs and spotted doves have also been prevalent but not so many blackbird and thrushes.

We filled the bird feeder with seed last week and counted over 50 sparrows on the lawns as well as a couple of spotted doves. 

I have posted many bird photos on Facebook but try as I might I can’t add photos to my blog anymore.   Shame as we will be in Portugal and Spain later this year and I usually post stories and photos of our trips for friend and family. 

So perhaps this is my last blog, well I suppose I can post stories without the pictures.