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Fourth day in Gisborne March 16, 2014

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We have experienced wind and rain (lots if it on Saturday) through to 29 degrees yesterday. We have been walking every morning and that is when we have taken many photos.
Most of the last three days have been spent with various members of Andy’s family so today is for us only and tomorrow we will see Iain one more time before heading home early Wednesday.

Gisborne seems smaller than I remember, nice place but I could never return here to live – I have never seen so many pit bulls in my life and John Gillies was bitten by one late last year as he walked home from work – two doors from his father’s house. But that not the reason why I would not live here, it is just too isolated and it is just not the place I grew up in. It has no “vibe”, something seems to be missing somehow.

Anyway here are some snaps taken on our walks over the past few days.



Saturday at Waikanae Beach and later at McDonalds with Iain, Flora and John Gillies.

Sunday we walked around the river banks before it got too hot.



Views from our apartment, lot of logging goes on across the way but that is interesting if not a little noisy at times.



This is a The Portside taken from the road across the way


Lastly views from Kaiti Hill lookout and walking track.






Having lunch at a local pub today – it is 8 years today since we interred Mum’s ashes in the grave with Dad, St Patrick’s Day 2006 – that was also the last time I visited Gisborne. The pub we had lunch at that day has since closed down. Sign of the times I guess.


The lovely road around East Cape and Hicks Bay March 15, 2014

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After the Mt Maungonui stop over we drove the long and winding road from Opotiki to Hicks Bay with a short stop at Ohope (before Opotiki )where I was thrilled to see White Island belching smoke unfortunately this is the best shot I could get.


This lovely view was about 25 ks from Opotiki looking back over Bay of Plenty


Then we wended our way around the twists and turns, up and down hills until over four hours after leaving the Mt we arrived at the Hicks Bay Motels. This place was a little unsettling at first the big blocks of units above reception looked like we had arrived at a school by mistake! But our unit was down below reception is a smaller block, the decor was pure 1960s but lovingly maintained with nice touches like a flat screen TV and microwave – more about the later soon. Then we noticed the views, simply stunning and so quiet and peaceful. We sat on our little deck, as did our neighbours who smoked non stop the whole time we were there, but it did not cause us too much concern.



If you wanted to eat in the “restaurant” you had to book by 5.30 and eat between 7 & 8 pm, but we weren’t worried as we had brought wine and some lovely microwave meals which I got ready to microwave at 7.15pm but the turntable and keypad on the microwave were broken. I eventually managed to heat up our meals but somehow they did not taste that nice. Never mind the wine was excellent.

We left around 9 the next morning and arrived in a Gisborne about 10.30 and our lovely hotel apartment, at Portside Hotel , was ready. We are on the third floor overlooking the port, Kaiti Hill and the logging operations.
More about Gisborne in a few days.


Great excitement at the Mt

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We arrived at this lovely place early afternoon on Wednesday 12 March, two cruise ships (Queen Victoria and Sun Princess) were berthed right at the little township of Mt Maunganui and the place was humming. The apartment my sister had rented was close to the Mountain overlooking the surf beach but was a few minutes walk from the harbour side.

The outlook from their apartment was lovely


We decided to stroll across to the harbour side to watch the two cruise ships depart just after 5.30pm. Wow, the shores were packed, people were sitting on the grass with their picnic hampers, others had fish and chips, vans were selling ice creams – it was quite civilised for some who had the foresight to bring deck chairs! We were quite blown away by this but managed to find a good spot and were very entertained by the spectacle of these two magnificent cruise ships manouevering out of the harbour one after the other and blowing their horns to salute the crowd. We had never witnessed people farewelling a cruise ship like this. Later we learnt that this event occurs every time a cruise ship departs from this harbour. People come from far and wide to enjoy the spectacle. Something nice about small town New Zealand throwing such a party and we were privileged to be part of it.