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Ireland (a reflection) and then the contrast of Shanghai September 1, 2013

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We are both agreed that this trip could have been improved by having one day less in Istanbul and one day less in Shanghai and with two more days in Ireland.

Arriving in Ireland late in the evening and leaving early in the morning also reduced time to catch more of Ireland, what we saw was beautiful, the people were friendly, our accommodation was superb and the food was pretty good also. We would have liked to have spent more time in Dublin, Ashford Castle and Castlegregory……we had a fleeting visit to each.

Never mind, we did enjoy the visit.

Our advice for visiting Shanghai would be to travel as part of a group or go on organised tours each day. When we arrived we unpacked and then left our hotel looking for lunch. An hour later, dripping with perspiration we returned to the hotel and had lunch there…….all we found closer were designer shops Cartier, Prada, Dior just to name a few. There were no restaurants close by except those in the hotels.

We did a day long tour the second day, that was excellent and we soon found out that this was a massive city where traffic also plays by its own rules. Just because the green light goes for the pedestrian crossing does not mean that all cars and bikes will stop for you…..oh no you have to run between them while trying to look in 10 directions at once! All this in the most oppressive heat ever. Our clothes were constantly wet through and for the last two days we spent most of the time lying around in our air conditioned room! Make up would not stay on and my hair was always wet and clinging to my neck.

We went for an hour long cruise around the harbour on our last night, that was excellent, the lighting was incredible, however the smog was bad and we both ended up with sore throats and eyes.

A huge bustling city of many contrasts.