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Some photos from Adelaide October 30, 2012

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Andy on the balcony of our unit. We went to the Ginger Factory today and caught up with my friend Linda, going to have a drink with her tomorrow afternoon.

Glenelg beach, very lovely but it was a very cool day. There were school volleyball competitions on the beach and there were kids everywhere, however we had a great lunch at an Italian restaurant in Glenelg, yum!

Then a couple of snaps from Mt Lofty lookout in the Adelaide Hills, great views but this area was decimated in the Ash Wednesday Fires in the 1980s. They are very worried that this will be a bad bush fire summer as there is so much lush undergrowth after a wetter than usual winter. This was the tour we took yesterday (Sunday) afternoon before we flew to Brisbane last night.

The last photo is the view from our deck here on the Sunshine Coast.

It is lovely and warm here but very overcast, hopefully it will clear up later in the week.






Seven lovely days in Adelaide October 28, 2012

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At the airport waiting for our flight to Brisbane, no free wifi here. So do not know when it will be published.

It was a stunning day in Adelaide today, we went for our usual morning constitutional, we have walked to the four corners of this stunningly beautiful city.

We had arranged a late checkout but the cleaning staff were not aware of this, never mind we sat in the bus terminal for an hour reading our books before taking off for a half day tour of the Adelaide hills etc. Very interesting and quite lovely at times. Took some good snaps but have not downloaded onto iPad yet.

Last night we took the tram to Hindmarsh stadium to watch the soccer. Shame that the Wellington Phoenix lost. I found it an interesting evening. At first it was deadly boring (to me that is) but after the first goal things picked up. Very surprised and a little unnerved to see police on horses arrive for crowd control. Persuaded Andy to leave a few minutes before the final whistle as I was starting to get a bit nervous as the game got a bit heated!

We never got asked for our tickets on the tram so only paid for 2 out of our 5 journeys. It would have been a brave conductor to try and check tickets in the crowded carriages after the game!


In Brisbane going to have room service breakfast and then go back to airport to pick up rental and drive to Moloolaba, looks like it could rain here today. Bit tired as we arrived here 11pm last night.
That was Adelaide time, then we had to put our clocks back 30 minutes. All a bit confusing.


Went to Glenelg October 27, 2012

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Loved the tram did a lot of tram travelling yesterday. It was freezing at Glenelg but looks a lovely spot
Football this afternoon but spending rest of day relaxing with our books. Did BIG walk this morning

Going half day tour tomorrow afternoon before flying to Brisbane


A cool, windy day in Adelaide October 25, 2012

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In the morning we walked for an hour, we are trying to explore a different part of the city each day. All the city streets are lined with huge trees, it is very lovely with lots of historic buildings and churches and parks. All the footpaths in the city are paved with large tiles. We have seen a couple of beggars, lots of Asians also but very few Maori or Pacific Islanders and very very few aboriginal people.

It was windy and quite cool with the odd spit of rain. The pollen warnings have been extreme over the past few days and we both have had try tickly coughs with our eyes streaming all day. It was not so bad today, thank goodness.

We walked to the casino for lunch, I played the pokies and lost! But we got a full buffet, including prawns, for pensioner rates of $11 each! On the way back to the apartment we went into David Jones, lovely things including Xmas decorations but did not feel inclined to buy anything. We have bought tshirts for the grandchildren and I purchased some opal earrings but we have not seen anything else that we wanted to buy. We bought some lovely wine in the Barossa the other day and have been drinking that with our evening meals.

All going well we will get the tram to Glenelg beach tomorrow and have lunch out there. It is supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow.

We fly to Queensland at 8.30pm on Sunday night, we may do another trip to the Adelaide hills as we are not yet sure if we can get a late check out from the apartment. So a bus trip could be the answer.

Update Thursday, it is freezing but we found some nice gardens on our morning walk do I might upload a couple if snaps. It is incredible how many lovely parks are close to the city. This one had a lot of roses and unusual ducks!



This is the great red we purchased, hmm, expensive but yummy!


We went to the zoo and the botanic gardens October 24, 2012

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We walked for miles again, but first of all we found a ticketing agency and bought our tickets for Saturdays game, NZ Phoenix Vs Adelaide United. Then we walked to the botanical gardens, OMG the size of the cycads was unbelievable. It was a hot day and my clothes were sticking to me everywhere. After a look around the gardens we walked onto the zoo which was close by.

Will upload the photos once I am back on wifi. First photo of giant lily pads, second photo of the cuddly things we were privileged to get to see, do not know who the tapirs reminded us of.

We had lunch at the zoo and then walked back to the apartment. After this we went to the Adelaide markets for food for dinner then sat outside a pub for a cool beer. While there this vicious wind blew up and my beer and my eyes were full of seeds from the overhead vines, we did not stay.
Going to Glenelg beach tomorrow.






Last photo taken at Gauchos restaurant on Sunday when it was cool.
Today, Thurs it is overcast, windy and cool so we are going to the casino for lunch and to the beach at Glenelg tomorrow


Adelaide more October 23, 2012

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Trying againwith the bog,
Day one we walked for miles, day to more walking, circle line bus, great lunch at Gauchos. The the Barossa, four fantastic vineyards.

Andy at the Barossa dam, wow


After lunch and several great wines!

Off to the zoo today



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Having a great time but problems with blog


Above the Barossa Valley great day