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Loving Vancouver day one! October 18, 2011

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One and a bit hour flight from Calgary, up at 5am and checking out at 6 to find the cab driver who took us to cemetery yesterday had returned to take us to airport. He was nice, goes home to India for the winters!

Hotel just beautiful, best yet, two lovely golden labs in reception (I had read about them on trip advisor), lovely room – see photo

Did hop on hop off trolley trip for three hours around city, booked trip to Grouse Mountain only later to find it is a big cable car trip up the mountain ( sigh)’ should have read the fine print!

Beautiful Harbour here in Vancouver



We found English pub for late lunch, tomorrow have 13 hour trip to Victoria booked, looking forward to that.
Purchased a fab scarf, come pashmina with rabbits tails etc just lovely and so different to anything available in NZ.

This morning I just wanted go go home, but second wind has kicked in and we are ready to explore this lovely place.


Calgary October 16, 2011

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Some snaps from Calgary.

Our hotel, silver slightly building to left, we are on 32nd floor! Room comes with sep lounge, kitchenette and bathroom.

Colours are nice here, barman told us it could snow, it is very cold

View from our hotel balcony, note how flat this place is, we found some great western boots for Sacha’ -thought I would get some for me but (shame) my feet are too big

And a black squirrel, we saw hundreds of red squirrels in the parks around Montreal




Montreal was so vibrant, so cosmopolitan and so beautiful October 15, 2011

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It was wet yesterday and pouring when we flew out just after 8 this morning. But we did enjoy our time in this city. We are now in Calgary while sister and husband have gone to Toronto.

Taken from the top of the Montreal tower at the Olympic games site. You get to the to the top via the funicular. We also went on one in Quebec. The Montreal version was four time as high.

Pleased to announce that we mastered the Montreal underground metro with ease and used our $16 three day bus and rail pass extensively. Yesterday when we were in the “old town” we came across a beautiful fur shop, the beaver coats were fab but far too heavy for our winters. Could put them to good use on Calgary though!

We also went into a biosphere place at the Olympic site, we loved these birds and these Canadian lynx.

Blue mcaw

Canadian lynx

The colours of Montreal



Montreal day two October 14, 2011

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We are proud to say that we managed the metro very well! Took the train and then the bus up Mount Royal to see spectacular views of Montreal. The forecast rain held off so we had a walk around the park and got the see some fall colours at last, plus heaps of squirrels!.


Then after lunch we went to the underground shops, there are miles of shops underground, quite hard to describe. Bought a couple of outfits and another suitcase. Our hotel is very close to a big sports stadium and we are told over 21,000 are there to tonight watching Montreal play Calgary at ice hockey.

One more day and then we fly to Calgary.

This interesting building is part of our view from our room on the 9 th floor.

Next update may be from Calgary!


Bit bumpy this morning October 10, 2011

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Bit bumpy as we head into the St Lawrence Seaway! we have had our fair share of rough sailing this trip!
Thought I would post a few additional snaps.

Sisters at Green Gables

The Barn at Green Gables

Sailing into the fiords to Corner Brook

Andy and Peter

And the bay at Corner Brook


Corner Brook, New Foundland October 9, 2011

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A lovely small town, deep into a bleak and fabulous fiord. There was snow on the hills but it was not too cold. They had snow in the town this week which was unusual as their first snow last winter was not until Feb this year! There were two new found land dogs to greet us when we berthed.

Coming in through the fiord, very lovely.

A lovely walk through a park which did have some colours, cruising off now for a day at sea before visiting Quebec.


Prince Edward Island and fine weather-a winner! October 8, 2011

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At last some lovely warm weather, they tell us it snowed here on Thus last, lots of damaged crops from wind and snow. Well we sailed through that wind also and while it didn’t snow it was damn cold at the last few ports.

Guess where Debbie? Green Gables, it was beautiful as was the trip through the PE countryside. We just wish we had more than 35 minutes at Green Gables as there was also lovers lane and the haunted woods but we had no time to walk through.

Green Gables from the “haunted woods path” you can see that it was a stunning day. This has definitely been the highlight of the trip for me. We sail soon, it is just after 2 pm and tomorrow we are in Corner Brook in New Foundland – supposed to be spectacular.