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Last day in New York September 30, 2011

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Think I have a love hate relationship with this city. Really wanted to go to Central Park today but we walked 10 blocks to Bloomingdales shop. Wandered around buying odds and ends, queued up to get into their restaurant for lunch, then came out to find it had been pouring with thunder and lightning. Had been woken early this morning with plumbing noises (like a jack hammer in the wall) told only we complained! We did not go to Central Park because it was so wet, walked back here and had few drinks in bar – then Peter said bill was wrong, then Andy used wrong travel card which cancelled my debit card! Bugger ! But never mind off on the cruise tomorrow and we are going to have breakfast at the Barclay not the smelly little place across the road which is very cheap but….very cheap to eat in also ( If you know what I mean)!…..Andy is in bed while I am in foyer sending this – he said…….” do spell check before sending!” damn cheek! Happy traveling!


Fabulous buildings in New York September 28, 2011

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Had a great shopping day today, looked like rain all day but only a few spits. Sister and husband did own thing today. We walked, walked and walked – resting now ready for more walking tonight


Sisters in Times Square

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Well as you can see we are in the heart of New York? We walked for miles today – did I mention the huge meals, OMG lunch today was to be petite bison burgers ” did madam or sir want French fries or onion rings?” himself took the French while I took onion rings. Well we could have fed half of India on what arrived!
And found the most fab outfit which I just had to buy today – after reduced by $600! Of course I am writing this at 10.30pm in the Barclay reception area surrounded by a lot of corporate types, Margaret no-one knows anything about Barclay matchbooks.
Oh yes, jet lag really set in tonight, Andy poured a red wine, reached for it on knocked it over -over the bed, carpet and pillows. The bed is ALL white! Enough! We are loving New York and having a great time



New York at last September 27, 2011

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After a few more hic-cups (excuse spelling) but hurrying as the Barclay only allows 30mins free wifi. We arrived in NewYork 2 hrs late and hit rush hour traffic – another long day as the shuttle in SF picked up at 5.10. Hot, humid and sticky in New York, we had fog in SF but comfortable temps. Did lots of walking, took ferry to Salsaletto, hope I am not getting too fussy but this ferry made Fullers look like luxury yachts! Very foggy (oh this is Sunday in SF) and a lovely wee town. We walked from Union Square to Fishermans wharf and also back after we got off the ferry. Great find was the Cablecar museum, Peter and Andy were in heaven and we also found it interesting.
Beejayge there are heaps of Xmas decorations in the shops already!
Off for breakfast son, think we will pass on the $40 Barclay Brekkie! Hope to takes lots of photos but may not download until on the ship