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Everyone nice and tidy again August 31, 2011

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The ” girls ” had a hair cut today, nice to see them looking neat and tidy again. Izzie’s leg is slowly getting better. Only three weeks until our trip so hope she is nearly 100% by the time we leave as our daughter is going to house sit and I do not want her to have to do extra to look after our wee dogs.




Ruby taking control of the bed August 22, 2011

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The hairy Ruby in comand of our bed! She loves to roll around on the bed – we do not enjoy the expierience quite so much.
She is amazingly agile for such a “chunky”dog and has no problems leaping right up onto the bed.
Note that I am practicing importing my snaps from Flickr – ready to posting my trip snaps


Izzie needs a haircut

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Izzie needs a haircut by fluffy 777
Izzie needs a haircut, a photo by fluffy 777 on Flickr.

Because Izzie had a major operation on her leg she has missed out on a scheduled grooming session – as has her sister Ruby. They are booked in on 31 August – we will hardly know them once they are groomed and tidy – poor Izzie is disappearing under all that hair


Lovely flowers from Tracy

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Lovely flowers from Tracy by fluffy 777
Lovely flowers from Tracy, a photo by fluffy 777 on Flickr.

We looked after three grandchildren this weekend in order to let the hard working parents take a break. Master E aged 23 months was full of energy – everyone collapsed on Saturday night. Master E, our two dogs and the two grandparents – wow! Master C and Mistress H were easier to look after at 8 and 6 respectively. Their parents enjoyed the break and presented me with these beautful tulips. Isn’t the wrapping also spectacular. I love chocolates but I ADORE beautiful flowers.