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Day in the garden May 22, 2011

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What a beautiful day – makes one feel good to be living in this town.

A garden never sleeps, it must be tended with care and devotion, and perhaps with a degree of love.

It makes me feel just so good to discover a new flower, bud or the birth of a new branch – slim and twiggy, so fragile but a sign of growth to come.

Of course sometimes plants can become too invasive. I have recently planted (in several shady spots) some miniature taro. All the plants are healthy and so I was disappointed when my local garden guru informed me today that they are extremely invasive!

Today I planted ? Well, attached really, some air plants. They look nice in clumps and I cannot wait for them to clump up. I also sprayed all the paths with mold and moss killer – what a job!

I then went looking for the offending taro, yes it is starting to spread but it is such a nice little plant,I think I will persevere and just keep an eye on it.

I am loving my new aluminum and resign flowers, courtesy of the Hero garden weekend – they are stunning and looked brilliant today with the sun shining on them.

But now I need a rest so taking the time to practice my blog before going back to rake up some more leaves, it is at time like this with leaves everywhere that I realize that maintaining a garden is a labour of love



Ruby May 21, 2011

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Ruby by fluffy 777
Ruby, a photo by fluffy 777 on Flickr.

Our other baby begging for a lift from her run.


On the iPad train

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Today I had some lessons from my friend on flickr and putting photos into my blog. Now we are working on a Blog from my iPad and I am learning heaps, unfortunately I am just as likely to forget



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Izzie by fluffy 777
Izzie, a photo by fluffy 777 on Flickr.

Here is our lovely wee poodle surveying her kingdom from the safety of the sofa!